Color Temperature (Kelvin)

Color temperature is a measurement in Degrees Kelvin that indicates the hue of a specific type of light source. You can use a color temperature to suggest authentic colors for the lights.

The temperature of our Halogen lights is around 3000k to 3500k (Figure 3). Halogen lights give off a warm feeling to your photos which make this type of light ideal for photographing family portraits, weddings, and single photos (school IDs, passport photos, driver license, etc.).

Flash lights, like our PS300, HS2000, PRO-500, color temperatures are between 5000k and 5500k (Figure 2). This flash light gives objects its true and natural color. For example: You need to photograph a white t-shirt; using our flash light can give your t-shirt in your photograph its true and natural color, white. Using regular halogen lights cannot give your t-shirt in your photograph this type of white that you see. Instead it will be a warm color, like light yellow.

There are two different types of fluorescent lights. One's color temperature is 5000k, like the flash lights. The other's color temperature is between 6000k and 6400k. Our 6000k-6400k fluorescent lights give off a cool, bright, light blue light (Figure 1). This light is ideal for photographing products like computers, computer accessories, phones, etc. Basically, things that have a solid surface.
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