Window Daylight Anytime Without Actual Window

Here is a simple light setup which will offer you lots of versatility. You will go back to it time and time again as I do because it is so flexible and quick to setup. Easily setup a photo shoot for a model, a product, a catalog or a headshot in about 5 minutes or less.
The main idea is to mimic some of the character of a bright daylight window. I placed a 4 bulb Britek Model# PE9110 just off to my right and facing the model. Between that I like to use a scrim, this produces a shadow that has a softer more gradual transition. You can use this setup with or without the scrim, it is entirely dictated by what your particular needs are for your project. Keep in mind you will lose about 1 stop of light when using the scrim but the Britek produces plenty of light and is even adjustable from 1 to 4 bulbs of light by flipping the toggle switches on the back of the unit. Adjusting the number of bulbs being powered changes the amount of light output or brightness.
On the tripod I have a Canon 5D and 70-200mm f/2.8 with a remote release to minimize any camera shake. use a hand held light meter to figure out the camera exposure settings. Most of the new makes of cameras do a very good job of metering from within the camera itself.ou can easily use this instead of a hand held light meter like mine. Consult your camera manual for details on using your in-camera meter.f you are shooting with a digital camera you could just make your adjustments based on the LCD preview too. Again this is what makes using and shooting with constant lights so easy.

Be sure to experiment with your setup, nothing is set in stone with the Britek constant cool lights, move them around, change the angle, move them closer, pull them back?what you see is what you get. The idea behind this particular light setup is to give you a base, start with one light and add more as you need them.

Model: Nikka
Makeup: Marlene G
Hair: Jo
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