2200w Halogen Lighting Kit


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MFR Code: 2200HK Britek
The 2200W halogen light kit is ideal for photographers and videographers and is also great for enthusiasts and amateurs. Similar to the 2650W Halogen Light Kit, this halogen light kit delivers 2200 watts of output, suitable for mid-size to large studios. Halogen lights are highly versatile and can be used for documentaries, commercials, fashion, portraits, and even for personal habits.

This 2200W halogen light kit features one 1000 watt halogen key light along with two 600W halogen lights. Although the man key halogen light will always stay at 1000 watts, the two 600 watt are power adjustable so the user gets to change its output – 300 watts or 600 watts – for different lightings in different scenarios. The flexibility in power changes allows users to configure three different power outputs; 1000 watt, 600watt and 300watt; 1000 watt, 300watt and 300watt; 1000 watt, 600watt and 600watt. It all depends on the situation and the need for different lighting powers in each task.

Halogen lights, like fluorescent lights, are fixtures that emit continuous lighting to your objects. However, the greatest advantage of halogen light kits is that it is lightweight. With wattage output that’s similar to the fluorescents, halogen light kits are highly suitable for photo/video-making professionals who happen to complete their projects on-location. The 2200W halogen light kit with a boom would be a great option for serious photography/film-making amateurs to professionals who wish to upgrade their studio.
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2200HK 2200w Halogen Lighting Kit  
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3429S 32''x32''Softbox 1 $49.99 
8054 300w/600w Halogen Light (Power Adjustable) 2 $161.98 
3428S 24''x24''Softbox 2 $85.98 
2056 D180mm Barndoor 1 $32.99 
2020M Medium Carry Bag (23"x11"x11.5") 1 $8.99 
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